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How Do You Eat Yours?

23 Jul


I’m talking of course, about scones! This is an ongoing argument in our house. Well, it’s a rather one sided argument, as my point of view is either way they taste great. However, my other half grew up in Cornwall and as a result has very strong feelings about the matter.

Apparently, if you’re a jam then cream person, you’re doing it the Cornish way (and therefore the more tasty way). The other way round, cream then jam, is how they do it in Devon (Phil insists the only thing Devon is good for is creating a bridge to get into Cornwall).

It’s very heated. On Saturday afternoon when we sat down to our Cream Tea treat, I did slightly fear for our relationship…

Like I say, to me, either way, you can’t beat a good scone, some proper clotted cream (Rodders-Cornwall- of course), and some lovely local jam.

But how do you eat yours?